FRESH GEMS: OOAK Upcycled Vintage Brooches

Just listed a handful of one-of-a-kind, upcycled brooches at THE CLEMENTINE BOX on Etsy

I have discovered my artistic niche, and I am loving it! Every piece is lovingly handcrafted by me from 100% upcycled and vintage materials. Each component has been picked, collected, or thrifted by me and I include a description of each piece’s individual history on each brooch’s page.

There are many, MANY more on their way to the shop (I told you…I’m loving it!), but my computer has decided to take a mental health vaca which leaves me getting by with my trusty iPhone (GO APPLE GO!) So keep checking back at the shop, I’ll be adding more goodies as fast as I can!

I also except commissions (using your own favorites, complimentary sets, etc.) My pieces make awesome alternative boutonnières, corsages, medals and badges!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement as I begin this new chapter of The Clementine Box!

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