Shannon Dagher of The Clementine Box


The Clementine Box consists of Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator, and Purveyor of all Things Awesome! – Shannon Dagher. I draw inspiration from bright colors, Southern California (my former home), Wes Anderson movies and all things vintage.

There was no hope for me. I was antiquing and making art from a young age. Some people get addicted to buying cigarettes, coffee or shoes…I buy owl figurines from 50 years ago. *shrugs* My family doesn’t get it. (They’re coffee people.) I’m always trying new methods to scratch that creative “itch”, and here is where I’ll share my successes (and my not-so-fabulous successes…) with you!

My other creative passions which may pop up here from time to time include photography and traveling (BIG or small)!

I’m a lifelong hair chameleon, am currently having a fling with mango popscicles, and may or may not take more than the recommended daily dosage of Gummy Vitamins.

Drop me a line sometime! xo




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