FRESHLY-PICKED: gems from the web

Freshly Picked: Gems From the Web

Majesty Tree by Joe Ryckebosch.

Majesty Tree by Joe Ryckebosch.

Colorful cacti backgrounds from Helen Dealtry at Design*Sponge.

Adorable critter bookplates from Helen Dardik on her blog.

DIY tutorial for teeny polymer clay faceted pots? Yes please.

Chocolate “Bumpy” Cake: a Michigan staple, and maybe the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

Origami Paper Bow-Ties are a thing now, people. For Realz.

DIY Donut Sunglasses. Seriously, you guys. THE CUTENESS.

The most ferocious Tiger blanket by Roxy Marj; for all the baby hipsters out there.

A dreamy Midsummer Mingle looks like my idea of heaven.

A DIY jumbo Popsicle garland. You know, ‘cuz SUMMER.

DIY Pineapple Dress! *i die*

ENJOY! xo.

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